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Hello and Welcome to my website for The Raspberry Pi Compute Module Test Board.

I have created this website to allow people to download the files for the Test Board from one central location. Here you will find a Zip file containing the necessary files to be able to create your own Test Board or to create your own PCB from the files that I have provided.

This Board was created from an idea I had to see if I could create a board from scratch with very little to no previous experience in designing and creating a PCB that would actually work. Now that I have successfully created a working PCB my idea shows that the Compute Module works well.

Now that this board has been tested and I am able to Ping to it, copy data to/from a USB device and also allow it to connect to the network I would say that the design is successful. What I am releasing will help assist the Maker Community by allowing them to access the compute module with the following I/O ports on the board.

  • Ethernet connectivity via the LAN9512 chipset (same as Old Model B used)
  • USB connectivity via the LAN9512 chipset (same as Old Model B used)
  • TTL Serial Connectivity. To access the Compute Module during Boot and access.
  • TVDAC - this is so that you can connect a PC Monitor or TV via RCA Composite Cable to the Board for access to the Desktop etc.

If other I/O ports are needed the Maker Community are free to add or delete what ever they wish from the PCB I have created. This allows for the Individual Maker to start off with PCB that has all the hard bits completed and they can continue on from where I have left off.

Before you download the files, May I ask that you please donate using the donate button below, this is so that I can continue creating new projects for the Raspberry Pi Compute Module :D. Now that is out of the way, I recommend reading the README below and ensure that you understand the points clearly

  • If you do use this Test Board in a Commercial Product, Please make a Donation from the sales of your product. The world and I will Love you for it.

  • This board Comprises of a 4 Layer Board. do not go less than 4 Layers Please see
    /Eagle Files/Layers_Info.jpg in the Zip File on how the layers should be set. This Must be Accurate as USB and Ethernet Traces have been set to use those Layer settings.

  • Please note that the Test Board in its CURRENT Configuration will work! This Board has been Tested Extensively before the plans have been made available on the Internet.

  • These Plans have been Provided AS IS and As such I will hold no Responsibility if they have been changed or an Issue arise from PCB manufacturing or Materials.

  • Please put in a mention on any product that was derived from this Test Board.

  • If you have any Questions or Queries please post them to the link below.
    Compute Module Test Board
  • If anyone is interested in Buying a Test Board Please let me know via the above link

Now that the README/legalities are out of the way. Please Click Here to Download the Test Board Zip File
and have a wonderful time and create new things!